Principal Investigator

Associate Professor


Graduate Students

Samantha Joubran
MSc Psychology Neuroscience (expected)

Research interests:

Lindsay Plater

PhD Psychology + Collaborative Neuroscience (expected), H.B.A., Psychology Research Specialist with minors in Biology and French.

Research interests: the interaction of attention and memory. Specifically, how long-term memory may bias our visual attention.

Lab Manager

Greer Gillies

H.B.Sc. in Psychology: Brain & Cognition.

Research Interests: interactions between attention and other cognitive systems (e.g., perception, memory, etc.)

Undergraduate Students


Graduate Alumni

Maria Giammarco
Ph.D. Psychology + Collaborative Neuroscience, MSc in Psychology, BA (Comb Hons.) in Psychology & Philosophy

Research interests: The ways in which implicit learning and explicit long-term memory influence the capture of visual attention using behavioural and eye-tracking methodology.

David De Vito
Ph.D. Psychology + Collaborative Neuroscience, MSc Psychology + Collaborative Neuroscience, H.B.Sc Psychology

Research interests: Exploring how inhibition can change the affective value associated with visual stimuli as well as representations held solely in memory.

Blaire Dube
Ph.D. Psychology + Collaborative Neuroscience (Expected), M.Sc. Psychology + Collaborative Neuroscience , H.B.A., Psychology

Research interests: How the application of attentional goals may influence our perception of, and memory for, various visual stimuli.

Undergraduate Alumni

Diana Segal | Guelph, H.B.Sc. Anton Marsic | Guelph, H.B.Sc. (expected). Alison Dodwell |Guelph, H.B.Sc. Akshu Valecha | Guelph, H.B.Sc. (expected). Stephanie Rak | Guelph, H.B.Sc. Greer Gillies | Guelph, H.B.Sc Kira Wiens | Guelph, B.A.S Liana Iannucci | Guelph, H.B.Sc Sandra Nyman | Guelph, B.A.S. Alanna Lumsden | Guelph, H.B.Sc. Corey Loo | Guelph, H.B.Sc. University of Toronto M.Sc. Elena Shlepova | H.B.Sc.  Jackson Hryciw | Guelph, H.B.Sc. Krista Miller | Guelph, B.A.H. Guelph University M.Sc FRHD. Kate Turner  | Guelph, H.B.Sc . University of Western Ontario MPH. Jacob Lyndsay-Kolari  | Guelph, H.B.Sc. Rayanne Thompson | Guelph, B.A.S. Johnson & Johnson, Site Service Associate Jenna Cripps | Guelph, B.Sc. April Basciano | Guelph, B.Sc. Toronto Psychometric Services, Psychometrist and Director of Clinical Training Jeremy Marty-Dugas | Guelph, B.A. University of Waterloo, Ph.D. (Expected) Brendon Samuels | Guelph, B.Sc. Applying to Graduate Programs Andrew Coyne | Guelph, B.Sc. Queens University, M.Sc. (Expected) Elizabeth Infante | Guelph, B.A. University of Guelph, Ph.D. (Expected) Adriana Paoletti | Guelph, B.Sc.