Principal Investigator

Associate Professor


Graduate Students

Samantha Joubran
PhD Psychology Neuroscience (expected)

Research interests: I am interested in the interactions between visual working memory, attention and our surrounding environment. In particular, how the surrounding environment impacts the relationship between attention and visual working memory.

Jessica Kespe

MSc Psychology Neuroscience (expected)

Research Interests: Understanding how representations in long-term memory guide attentional capture. More specifically, how the relevance of these long-term memory representations can update themselves and bias the types of stimuli in the environment that capture attention.

Lab Manager


Anna Kazatchkova

HBSc Psychology + HBSc Neuroscience 

Research Interests: Interactions between attention and other cognitive systems, with a specific interest in how these are affected in individuals with learning disabilities & ADHD (e.g., perception, memory, etc.)

Undergraduate Students

Rebecca McCabe

H.BA Psychology, minor in Neuroscience (Expected)

Research Interests: working memory and attentional capture 


Graduate Alumni



Lindsay Plater

PhD Psychology + Collaborative Neuroscience, H.B.A., Psychology Research Specialist with minors in Biology and French.

Research interests: the interaction of attention and memory. Specifically, how long-term memory may bias our visual attention.

Maria Giammarco

Ph.D. Psychology + Collaborative Neuroscience, MSc in Psychology, BA (Comb Hons.) in Psychology & Philosophy

Research interests: The ways in which implicit learning and explicit long-term memory influence the capture of visual attention using behavioural and eye-tracking methodology.


David De Vito

Ph.D. Psychology + Collaborative Neuroscience, MSc Psychology + Collaborative Neuroscience, H.B.Sc Psychology

Research interests: Exploring how inhibition can change the affective value associated with visual stimuli as well as representations held solely in memory.


Blair Dube

Blaire’s website

Ph.D. Psychology + Collaborative Neuroscience, M.Sc. Psychology + Collaborative Neuroscience , H.B.A., Psychology

Research interests: How the application of attentional goals may influence our perception of, and memory for, various visual stimuli.

Undergraduate Alumni

April Basciano | Guelph, B.Sc. Toronto Psychometric Services, Psychometrist and Director of Clinical Training
Andrew Coyne | Guelph, B.Sc. Queens University, M.Sc. (Expected)
Jenna Cripps | Guelph, B.Sc.
Alison Dodwell | Guelph, H.B.Sc.
Kirsten Donaldson | Guelph, B.A.S. 
Greer Gillies | Guelph, H.B.Sc 
Jackson Hryciw | Guelph, H.B.Sc.
Liana Iannucci | Guelph, H.B.Sc
Elizabeth Infante | Guelph, B.A. University of Guelph, Ph.D. (Expected)
Corey Loo | Guelph, H.B.Sc. University of Toronto M.Sc.
Alanna Lumsden | Guelph, H.B.Sc.
Jacob Lyndsay-Kolari  | Guelph, H.B.Sc. 
Anton Marsic | Guelph, H.B.Sc. (expected).

Jeremy Marty-Dugas | Guelph, B.A. University of Waterloo, Ph.D.
Krista Miller | Guelph, B.A.H. Guelph University M.Sc FRHD. 
Sandra Nyman | Guelph, B.A.S
Adriana Paoletti | Guelph, B.Sc.
Stephanie Rak | Guelph, H.B.Sc.
Brendon Samuels | Guelph, B.Sc. Applying to Graduate Programs
Diana Segal | Guelph, H.B.Sc.
Elena Shlepova | H.B.Sc. 
Rayanne Thompson | Guelph, B.A.S. Johnson & Johnson, Site Service Associate
Kate Turner  | Guelph, H.B.Sc . University of Western Ontario MPH. 
Akshu Valecha | Guelph, H.B.Sc. (expected).
Rachael Vella | Guelph, B.Sc.
Kira Wiens | Guelph, B.A.S