Join the Lab

Prospective graduate students:

We are looking for bright, enthusiastic graduate students to join the lab in Fall 2023. Applications are to the NACS-Psychology graduate program and are due January 15, 2023. Information on the application process is available on the Psychology Department Website. If you have questions, please contact Naseem Al-Aidroos.

Prospective undergraduate students:


There are numerous avenues for joining our lab as a University of Guelph undergraduate student:

  • Volunteer help with data collection: This is a good option for students in the their first or second year of undergrad.
  • Project courses: Through these courses you will work one-on-one with Naseem Al-Aidroos and/or a senior lab member to conduct a research project. These projects usually involve
    • PSYC*3240, PSYC*4240: These are one-term courses that are good options for students in their third year and above.
    • PSYC*4870/4880: The two-term Psychology Honours Thesis. The thesis course is designed for students planning to apply to graduate psychology programs
    • NEUR*4401/2 or NEUR*4450: These courses offer similar experiences to the Psychology Honours Thesis.

How to apply

  • The lab is now at capacity through to the end of Winter 2022.
  • Students are admitted into the lab on a rolling basis as spots open up. Although timing varies each year, the following times are typically best for applying:
    • Fall project courses: Apply early in the preceding winter term. Fall spots are usually filled by early March.
    • Winter project courses: Apply in the middle of the preceding fall term.
  • Project courses are only offered through this lab during Fall and Winter terms.
  • To apply, please send an email to Naseem Al-Aidroos that includes the following information:
    • Your contact information
    • Whether you are seeking a volunteer position or a project course position
    • A copy/scan of your transcript
    • A brief statement about why you want to join the lab, and what experiences you hope to gain
    • Any other materials you think would be helpful (e.g., a writing sample)