Join the Lab

Prospective graduate students:

We are looking for bright, enthusiastic graduate students to join the lab in Fall 2023. Applications are to the NACS-Psychology graduate program and are due January 15, 2023. Information on the application process is available on the Psychology Department Website. If you have questions, please contact Naseem Al-Aidroos.

Prospective undergraduate students:


There are numerous avenues for joining our lab as a University of Guelph undergraduate student:

  • Volunteer help with data collection: This is a good option for students in the their first or second year of undergrad.
  • Project courses: Through these courses you will work one-on-one with Naseem Al-Aidroos and/or a senior lab member to conduct a research project. These projects usually involve
    • PSYC*3240, PSYC*4240: These are one-term courses that are good options for students in their third year and above.
    • PSYC*4870/4880: The two-term Psychology Honours Thesis. The thesis course is designed for students planning to apply to graduate psychology programs
    • NEUR*4401/2 or NEUR*4450: These courses offer similar experiences to the Psychology Honours Thesis.

How to apply

  • The lab is now at capacity through to the end of Winter 2022.
  • Students are admitted into the lab on a rolling basis as spots open up. Although timing varies each year, the following times are typically best for applying:
    • Fall project courses: Apply early in the preceding winter term. Fall spots are usually filled by early March.
    • Winter project courses: Apply in the middle of the preceding fall term.
  • Project courses are only offered through this lab during Fall and Winter terms.
  • To apply, please send an email to Naseem Al-Aidroos that includes the following information:
    • Your contact information
    • Whether you are seeking a volunteer position or a project course position
    • A copy/scan of your transcript
    • A brief statement about why you want to join the lab, and what experiences you hope to gain
    • Any other materials you think would be helpful (e.g., a writing sample)
  • If you apply and we cannot accommodate you at the time, our apologies. We maintain a list of students who have expressed an interest in joining the lab, and will contact people on this list if suitable opportunities open up. If you are interested in being added to the list, let us know.