Current Projects

Lindsay Plater

Current Topic

  • Attentional control settings: based on your goal of looking for a certain stimuli (ex. look for a hedgehog), those stimuli will be able to capture your attention.

Current Research Questions

  • Which memory systems are capable of maintaining attentional control settings?
  • Is there a cost to maintaining a large attentional control setting, compared to a small attentional control setting?
  • What is the interaction between emotion and attentional control settings?
  • Does contextual reinstatement improve memory-guided attentional capture of long-term memory attentional control settings?


  • Much of my work deals with complex visual objects as well as simple shapes. In the VCN lab, we frequently use the Brady and Konkle stimuli.
This is an example of one of the stimuli from the Brady and Konkle set, it’s a cute hedgehog! Did it capture you attention?