Current Projects

Samantha Joubran

Current TopicControl over attentional capture.
Current Research Questions1) Does the environment fine tune attentional control settings and impact our control over attentional capture?

2) How do we protect visual information during distraction?

3) Do we have more control over attentional capture through associative learning than previously thought?
Additional InformationI currently use many different techniques to answer my current questions including eye-tracking, fMRI, behavioural measures and shortly will also be using EEG.


Jessica Kespe

Current Topics– Direct and indirect effects of long term memory (LTM) on attentional capture.
– Attentional templates and visual working memory (VWM).
Current Research Questions1) How does the representation of an item from a past learning experience, stored in LTM, influence/bias attentional capture when it becomes relevant to your goal?

2) Is it possible for past knowledge stored in LTM to guide attentional capture through an LTM-based attentional template, or does this knowledge need to be integrated into a VWM-based template?